"The Lord is faithful and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one."
2 Thessalonians 3:3

About LifeGate

At LifeGate Church our vision is to know and love God, and to be transformed by His power. Our mission is to build the Kingdom of God within our culture. Out of our covenant relationships we seek to be a Christ-centered community by being discipled and discipling others.


Our core values are the ideals and principles through which God has called us to build His kingdom.

Christ-centered: We seek to be Christ-centered not self-centered.

We believe that Christ is the revelation of the Godhead in human form. We believe that faith in Him is the only hope of salvation, that His life is the only demonstration of a truly successful life and that His life in us is our only hope of a successful life.

Kingdom of God: Our intent is to bring every aspect of our lives and the whole of creation under God’s government.

Christ came preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and told us to seek it first.

Christian Faith: We will build the kingdom of God on the absolute truths of scripture.

We are founded on the Christian Faith. This faith is consistent with the truths of God as revealed by the Holy Scripture that have been believed and practiced by the whole church since the time of Christ. The orthodox Christian faith is the heart of LifeGate Church. (See our statement of faith)

House of Prayer: Pursuing an intimate, personal, and community relationship with God.

Our goal in prayer is to move people from talking to the Lord to talking with the Lord. It is moving past asking, into fellowship with God and on to having an intimate personal relationship with Him. Prayer is a constant condition of a healthy Christian life.

Covenant: Our covenants with God and man are what hold us in place.

God has always related to man through unbreakable promises of His Word. These covenants are our assurance of His faithfulness, love, mercy and justice. They are the pattern for our lives with one another. Our word is our bond and the keeping of our word and our commitments are the closest thing to God’s covenant faithfulness we can experience between one another. This is where the life of discipleship becomes reality.

Discipleship: Following Christ involves a personal connection with spiritual oversight for growth and maturity.

Discipleship is training our members to be followers of Christ, willing to obey and equipped to do good works. We are committed to minister to the needs of people both inside and outside of LifeGate Church. Christ’s method of care is discipleship. Our desire is to express the love of Christ and His healing power to people, body, soul and spirit. We believe the most effective way to transform lives is through discipleship.

Community: We seek to live in unity through our commitment and devotion to one another.

God reveals Himself to us in the community of the Trinity. We seek to emulate the divine community in living out our Christian faith together. Community is the relational context from which our lives are lived and shared through walking in openness and reality with one another. Our families are our first expression of true community.

Ministry of the Holy Spirit: Spirit empowered worship and ministry

We believe God still supernaturally empowers people to carry out His work through the Holy Spirit. This power and enthusiasm is demonstrated both in Spirit-filled worship and in Spirit-empowered ministry including, but not limited to, the nine gifts of the Spirit found in I Corinthians 12.

Cultural Reform: Our desire is to see our culture reflect the Kingdom of God on earth.

Our intention is to never be captured by our culture, but to be relevant in our culture so that we can influence others. We also desire to bring the culture of Christianity back to the biblical pattern of Christian behavior.

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